What’s it like

“Sailing on Astrid with a crew that felt like we had known each other forever (even though just met at the harbour) was a dream come true. A greatest possible way to unwind stress yet not to get bored because the little tasks we got to do around the boat. Don’t even get me started with the places we saw! Would go back any day!”

Saara Eveliina, Founder of Arctic Power Berries Ltd. was sailing with us on Seikkailupurjehdus 2016

Sailing and racing these wooden ships is a unforgettable event, for first timers, but also for an experienced sailor!

 “The wind is picking up, it pulls the ropes tighter. Salt water starts to spray on the deck, as we feel the ship going faster and faster. It feels good to be so present in this world.”

Ville Vappula, Snowboard photographer and longterm Purjelaivakonttori Crew