About m/aux Astrid

M/aux Astrid is a wooden coastal cargo ship built 1947 in Porvoo Finland. In 1969 the current owners of the ship bought her and converted Astrid as a sail training / passenger ship by building accommodation spaces to the old cargo hold. First Astrid did only sail training trips, but later started also with charter sailing. These days charter sailing is the main work of Astrid, but youth trips and sail training is not forgotten. Since 2013 Helsingin Perinnepurjehtijat has arranged sail training trips with Astrid every season. Astrid was one of the first Finnish ships to get into the traditional sailing ship registry of the Finnish state museum. Astrid is owned by Astrid Charter Oy and operated by Helsingin Purjelaivakonttori.

Astrid has accommodation space for 30 on a sail training or youth trips. Ship has three cabins, but most of the berths are in  one big space in traditional school ship style. Ship has a fully equipped galley, big fresh water tanks and tank for dirty water. There is 230 V electricity onboard, and since she is a Finnish ship, off course a sauna.

Lenght over all 32 m, Breadh 7,1 m, Draught 2,3 m, Height of the masts 23,5 m, Sail area 350 square meters, Engine 330 hp, Displacement 91 Gt

Astrid is equipped with top modern navigational equipment and life saving equipment required for offshore sailing and there is always professional sailing crew and captain on the trips. The sail trainees are required to participate in safety and fire drills and safety education when on board. Astrid is registered for domestic traffic area II for 83 persons, domestic area III for 50 persons and for Baltic traffic as a cargo vessel with maximum number of 25 persons.