Our sail training ideology

We offer an enthusiastic and warm atmosphere with experienced young sailors teaching you seafaring and sailing onboard a real sailing ship. With us you really get the chance to learn how to sail, not just how to pull a rope On a smaller vessel such as our Astrid you get a better chance to work with more varying tasks than on a bigger ship, on a smaller ship everyone is more or less taking part in everything. One of the biggest advantages of a smaller number of sail trainees on board (we take 20) is that we will get to know each other quite fast and can give the trainees personalized sail training adapted to their level of experience and to how fast they are learning different things. We have alway a professional permanent crew and follow strict safety rules and give a lot of safety orientation and training also for the trainees. With us you don’t need to know anything from before, we offer you a safe way to learn the skills needed. After sailing with us you can be sure that you are already pretty far on the way of learning how to sail. Welcome on an adventure with us!

Sail training principles 

We aim to give an understanding about why we are doing what we are doing, not just how to do it. Safety of the working procedures is a leading line in our training. Our sail training is based on learning from the permanent crew of the ship by doing work tasks together in watches and by giving lectures and individual teaching on the theoretical part.
Our training includes sailing theory, sail trimming and sail operations, knots and other necessary techniques, traditional and electronic navigation (theoretical and practical), colregs, rigging works, group working, fire training, life saving training and a lot of general sailor skills.
Since our ship and crew are compact sized we have a good opportunity to give very individual teaching adapted to the different skill levels of trainees. This way we can also take full advantage of the experience some trainees already might have and give everyone tasks and learning that suit their level of experience and skill. Off course we also have a training manual that we follow as well as safety management code. We aim in giving also the trainees a feeling of responsibility of the safety onboard and make everyone motivated to do all the tasks they have as good as they can. We always have a warm and friendly atmosphere so people dare to ask and show their real level of skill without having to show of or pretend to know something you don’t yet know. This has also a significant contribution to safety.